10pm Update...

>> Sunday, January 21, 2007

Things winding down now. Rain will end overnight.

Reports of icing in trees came in in Rowan and Stanly counties in the Charlotte market. Up in the Triad market, lots of icing reports have come in, but primarily on elevated surfaces.

Thanks for all of your help with the reports this evening!


Anonymous 11:42 AM  

Hey Matthew. Thanks for the coverage on the weather during that wannabe ice storm.

What are your thoughts on the huge trough the GFS has been forecasting for early Feb the past few runs? Highs around 0 for a day or too here. Cold! Not to mention it shows some snow around that time too. I doubt it gets that cold, but looks promising for those that like colder air.

Anonymous 10:04 PM  

Hey, Matt... the blogging gods tell me I have to 'tag' you. Head over to my blog to find out the details.

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