Sunday Morning Thoughts

>> Sunday, January 21, 2007

A quick look at the morning data reveals to me that the trend with our incoming storm system continues to be a warmer one. I still think some relatively minor icing could occur in the Triad viewing area, but it does not look like a huge deal.

For the Charlotte region, this really is looking like simply rain. Sure, we might see a very brief interval of some sleet or freezing rain, but this does not look like it will be of any concern. No big deal at all.

There is always the chance of a last minute change, but dewpoints are rising, and wet bulbs, at least across the Charlotte region, will likely be above freezing by later today. That means game over for freezing rain.

Looks like the warmer solution that came in on Stormcast yesterday evening was indeed correct and not a one-run hiccup.

Everyon have a great Sunday.


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