Thursday Evening

>> Thursday, January 25, 2007

Not much change in my thoughts this evening. Cold air surging in now, and we will struggle to reach the low to mid 40s tomorrow. Lows tonight will be in the lower 20s....maybe even a few upper teens if the wind dies down early enough. Definitely cold. Protect those pets, and bundle the kids up before sending them off to school in the morning.

Milder this weekend with highs rebounding mainly into the 50s. Our weak system Saturday night into Sunday looks too moisture-starved to produce significant precip around here, and even if precip occurs, the low levels of the atmosphere would probably be too warm for snow. So, we might see a sprinkle (or possible a flurry) early Sunday, but nothing to be concerned with.

Another shot of cold air surges in here for Monday, and I think basically all of next week will feature below average temps. Toward the end of the week, there are still signs of a storm system sometime aound Friday. But any details are impossible to forecast right now.

Behind that system, another shot of cold air surges in here around next weekend. I still think that shot of arctic air has the chance to be the coldest one yet, but we shall see.


Anonymous 12:35 AM  

Sure seems like the all the ruckous about cold air has been overcooked. Sure, tomorrow morning will be cold but the rest of the week looks average for late January.
I just hope it gets cold enough to kill the fire ants - those suckers are evil!

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