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>> Thursday, June 15, 2006

Lots of sun out there this morning....temperatures are already in the 70s in most spots at the 9am hour. A quick look at the dewpoints this morning indicates that a drier airmass is indeed moving into our area. Most of our dewpoints are in the 50s right now, and they should even drop some more as we progress through the day.

It will be warm today, but with the lower humidity values in place, it won't feel too bad at all.

I am on a little less sleep today than usual. Our youngest daugther (1 year old) seems to be battling some teeth and possibly ear issues, and she was up basically all night last night. And you know what that means....everybody in the house hardly sleeps...especially my poor wife. Grace (said youngest daughter) seems to be feeling better this morning, but the East household was certainly a little groogy this morning...

I will have a full post online a little later dealing with any forecast issues we have coming up...


Anonymous 10:00 AM  

Hope your daughter feels better. At least you will have a somewhat slower day in the weather office compared to recent days. Thankfully we received some of the rain we needed.

Matthew East 11:30 AM  

Thanks for the kind words. She will go to the doctor this afternoon just in case it is her ears.

Yeah, I know I was thankful for the rain. We needed it badly! And, I know all of our mets here are pretty relieved that we have a few quiet days ahead!

Anonymous 3:44 PM  

well... i am so sorry but i have 2 sisters and 2 brothers iculdingmy little bro .... well.. i hope shes feels better tell her i give her smiles and hugs as frirend..

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