Alberto's Rains...

>> Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Some good, soaking rains are pushing into the viewing area tonight, and I know that is a welcome sight to just about everyone around here. If all continues to pan out as it appears right now, this will be exactly the kind of rain we have been needing for so long. Here's hoping we can pile up some healthy totals.

However, with that said, some river and stream flooding could become an issue by morning. So, be sure and pay attention to that, as some river and creek beds could become pretty full.

After a lot of hours in the weather office Saturday and Sunday, I have re-charged the batteries and bit now after a couple of days off. I am back in the saddle tomorrow. Time to catch some sleep....will be nice to hear that rain on the roof tonight....


Anonymous 3:46 PM  

yeah we had a bad thunderstronm here i was at gymnastics class all day cuse i am in pre team ..... kaboom i herd it kaboom!!!!!!!!! the sky looked green raining like cats and dogs ....... wind was strong

than i foregot to put my dog in when it rained cats and dogs !

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