Air Quality

>> Friday, June 16, 2006

Oh, and I need to mention that today is a Code Orange air quality day for Charlotte with a count of 101. The count today for the Triangle region is 82.

In rather stagnant weather patterns, such as the one we will be on for at least the next several days, it is easy to develop these bad air quality days. I suspect we will have a few more bad air quality days over the next week or so.

Below is a list of recommended actions from the North Carolina Division of Air Quality to help out with our air quality when we have Code Orange, Red, or Purple days.

-Limit daytime driving
-Limit vehicle idling
-Refuel vehicles after dusk
-Don't "top off" your gas tank
-Avoid congested periods
-Use water-based paints
-Use transit or car pool
-Bike or walk for short trips
-Use newest/best maintained car
-Combine trips and share rides
-Postpone using gasoline mowers
-Barbecue without starter fluid


Anonymous 2:29 PM  

ok.. thanx you my bother has asthema ... thanxlove news 14 and weather like to worlk therr when i grow up and be a meterloigst there ! and a tornado chaser! :)

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