Big-time shot of arctic air this weekend...some good mountain snows too....

>> Friday, February 10, 2012

Lots to talk about today, and I encourage you to watch today's edition of the video for the graphics accompanying this discussion.

Clouds increasing today as our next system approaches. Piedmont highs in the 50s and lows in the 30s tonight.

The incoming system will likely bring some sprinkles and a few showers to the foothills and the piedmont tonight, but nothing terribly significant.

However, this system will produce a good amount of snow in many mountain spots across the region, especially tomorrow into tomorrow night in the favored northwest-facing areas. I think many E TN and NC mountain spots could see 2-4" (again, in the favored upslope areas), and when you get up into WV, some spots could exceed 6-8".

Arctic shot...

For the areas east of the mountains, the big weather story this weekend is a big-time shot of cold air. In a winter that hasn't featured much cold air, this is going to get your attention. Many spots in the foothills and piedmont will see their high temps occur before lunchtime tomorrow with falling PM temps.

Winds will be quite significant tomorrow with gusts over 40mph possible at times.....even higher in the mountains.

Piedmont temps by Sunday morning will likely be in the upper teens and lower 20s, and highs Sunday still struggle to (and in some cases, fail to) make it to 40 degrees. Wind chill values Sunday morning will be in the single digits in spots. Lows again Monday morning head into the upper teens and lower 20s.

Next week...

A couple of systems next week. The 0z modeling backed off on the amount of precip in NC with the Tuesday system due to more energy digging into the western US at the same time. Same deal for this system as I mentioned yesterday....if we can get enough precip in here early enough Tuesday morning, a period of snow is possible, but lots if 'ifs' involved there. We might wind up with very little precip at all.

Another system will likely bring some rain late next work week.


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