Moisture-starved system today...

>> Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Here is today's edition of the video. Give it a look....

A storm system is moving through our region today, and we will have a good deal of clouds as that occurs. A very brief shower can't be ruled out east of the mountains today, but that chance is limited.

Up in the mountains, look for some snow showers today, and the favored NW-facing spots could see some relatively minor accumulations. Up in the mountains of WV, western MD, and southwest PA, several inches are possible.

Tomorrow will be sunny and fairly cool with piedmont and foothill highs in the upper 40s and lower 50s. Highs should be in the 50s Friday.


A pretty significant (although transient) shot of cold air will arrive this weekend. Saturday will likely be pretty blustery with cold air advection underway and highs in the 40s. Highs Sunday will likely have a tough time making it into the lower 40s in the foothills and piedmont, and some spots won't make it there. Lows by Sunday and Monday morning look to bottom out in the lower 20s, with some teens possible in the normally colder spots.

In terms of precip, the only chance this weekend would be Saturday morning as the upper level energy is moving through. See the video for more on this. The 0z Canadian was oh so close to popping a more significant storm system, but as it is now, most of the modeling is only indicating some clouds and a few sprinkles or flurries Saturday early morning.

Next week...

We could have a couple of systems next week. Track is uncertain, but at the moment, the Carolinas would appear to likely be on the warmer side of the systems. See the video for more.


Anonymous 2:56 PM  

Saw some sleet here in Concord around 8:30 this morning. I was pretty surprised to see it even though it wasn't much.


Matthew East 3:15 PM  

Yeah, a little sleet and even a few flakes mixed in with the rain this morning initially. Due to the lingering dry air causing some evaporational cooling.

Dylan Long 5:45 PM  

Up here in Ashe county we had just about an inch of snow this morning. Sure was pretty. I was watching the video and i saw the storm that could hit next weekend, I'm going to be in West Virginia during this. Well based on current models, could i see some snow? I know that with it being a week and a half off, a lot can and will change. But i just try to get as much info as i can to prepare.

Matthew East 5:39 AM  

Tyler...Take a look at the new video I just posted (Thursday AM).....I talk about the next few systems.

At the moment, the system late next week (Thu-Fri)looks to head to the Ohio Valley, but there could be a colder system behind that one. Too soon to tell.....

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