Fantastic Tuesday weather....long-range thoughts...

>> Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I spend a lot of time in today's video looking at the longer range....give it a look.

Beautiful weather is on tap for our Tuesday as we will have lots of sun and highs well into the 60s.

Our next system is still on schedule to bring us some shower chances tomorrow night into Thursday morning. At this point, I am not impressed with the rain amounts coming from this system.


It does appear that a cold air damming episode will transpire this weekend across the region. Chilly high pressure looks to build from the Great Lakes region into the Northeast and then wedge down the eastern side of the mountains. However, at this point, it does not look like the air will be cold enough for anything wintry in the Carolinas.

In the CAD regions though, assuming the rain settles in Saturday into Sunday morning or so, temps will have a hard time climbing through the 40s.

Pattern change...

The pattern is definitely changing across North America. However, what does it mean for our region? Difficult to say.

Let me say that I see nothing 'warm' about the upcoming pattern, but I am just not entirely sure how 'cold' it will be.

A big ridge is going up near the west coast, and I expect it to stay there in some fashion right toward mid-month. However, the exact location of that ridge will go a long way toward determining how much cold air makes into down into our area.

As for winter weather, without a doubt February will provide the best chances we have had all winter. But that doesn't really say much considering the pattern this winter.

I need to see exactly how far east the ridge will try to develop into North America (as well as whether or not we will have some blocking form near Greenland) before I can get really bullish on the upcoming pattern.

Please see the video...lots of graphics on model data on this.


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