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>> Friday, January 21, 2011

Not a whole lot to add to the thoughts I put out there this morning. Since the 6z run today, the GFS has lost tis way it seems. It seems to be digging the upper level energy in way too far east, resulting in a slower-to-strengthen system that most other modeling. So, I would not pay a lot of attention to the 12z and 18z GFS as of now.

I would still lean the way of something similar to the Euro. It has been the superior model this cold weather season, and it also has the general support of most other modeling in terms of a much more powerful system than the GFS is indicating.

Lots of variables are still up in the air, so again, it is way too early to count your snowflakes or raindrops before they fall.

Just wanted to throw out there that the potential for a big-ticket item for parts of the region is in play...and I would still lean toward the areas from roughly I-85 on north and west.


wgbjr 9:09 PM  

Thanks for the update Matthew!

In past winter seasons, has the Euro been as accurate as this winter? Thanks!

Anonymous 9:24 PM  

Thanks Matt, good to hear the encouragement. Start working on some songs for this weekend/Monday morning!


DoubleJ 9:27 PM  

Thanks Matthew. I hope the Euro is on the right track.

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