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>> Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Below is today's edition of the Carolina Weather Video....

After some residual icing issues on some roads in the region (mainly the Triad, northern foothills and mountains), we will warm significantly today with most Piedmont highs in the upper 40s to even some lower 50s.

Simply put, tomorrow will be one of the nicer days we have seen this winter season. You won't find anybody that loves cold weather and snow more than me, but tomorrow will be nice....soem 50s for highs and lots of sun.

Don't get used to it....the 'warmth' will not last long. Our next system, really a cold front, will pass through Thursday night into Friday morning and bring some Piedmont rain chances with it. Behind that front, pure arctic air will again plunge into the entire region, and many of us will not get out of the 30s for highs Friday and Saturday. Lows will likely wind up in the teens again Saturday and/or Sunday morning.

I also should note that the European model continues to pop a coastal low later Saturday that throws some snow into the eastern Carolinas....generally east of I-95. We will see if those trends hold.

Next week...

I am watching with interest another potential system Monday into Tuesday next week. That one has some wintry weather possibilities somewhere around the region.

Longer term...

The PNA index (Pacific-North America) looks to stay positive basically through the rest of the month, generally meaning a ridge in western North America. So I still see no sign of a prolonged warm-up anytime soon.


Anonymous 4:06 PM  


Can Kiev escort some of their colder air and snow over here? I think that's the only kind of escort service we're interested in on this site.

Matthew East 4:38 AM  

Looks like an ad bot of some sort found the site....deleted the comment now.

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