Summer's official arrival...

>> Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer's official arrival occurs this morning at 7:28am. At that point, the sun will be directly over the Tropic of Cancer. That also means today features the longest duration of daylight of the year.

The weather has been under the impression that it has been summer for a while now, and the heat will march on this week. Lots of low to mid 90s today, then primarily mid 90s tomorrow through Thursday.
Today looks dry around the Piedmont, but a few isolated late-day storms are possible tomorrow through Thursday. Better chances of some scattered storms look to arrive for Friday and the weekend.


All is quiet now, but there are some indications on modeling of something trying to spin up within the next 10 days. In fact, both the 0z European and 0z Canadian model today develop a system out of the Caribbean Sea and bring it as a hurricane to the central Gulf coast June 30. Nothing to be concerned about, but interesting to note....


Anonymous 4:05 PM  

Hope you are staying cool and got a question for you… I suppose this heat wave we are in (looks like it will prevail for the rest of the week)… is this similar in characteristics as compared to the cold snap we had back this past winter? I think the Arctic cold we had started somewhere in December and lasted until February? Do you remember that one? The jet dived right from Central Canada into the Gulf states which aided in the dominance of the Arctic cold in the Eastern US. I think we had cold temps week after week during those months with a break somewhere in January. Would you say the current heat wave setup is similar to the winter cold, and of course talking in terms of how the weather is established for summer? If so, do you suppose this heat wave will stick around for while?


Matthew East 5:38 AM  

Well, there are some similarities in terms of their characteristics. We had a cold winter overall, but most cities set very few, if any, daily record low temperatures. Right now, it is a hot pattern, but no record highs are being set around here...just a prolonged stretch of above average temps like we had a lot of prolonged below average temps in the winter.

However, during the winter, we were in a moderate El Nino. The El Nino is dead now, and we are heading into a La Nina. Also, the upper air pattern needed for heat and humidity is exactly opposite of what you need for a cold pattern in winter.

Stay cool!

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