Quiet Friday....getting hotter and muggier this weekend

>> Friday, June 18, 2010

Most of the region was dry yesterday and last night. However, there was a fairly narrow corridor near the NC/SC border area that saw a few isolated showers and storms, and it is in that same region where a few isolated storms could fire again today. Most spots, though, will again be dry, and highs will be in the upper 80s to near 90 with continued slightly lower humidity levels.

It will be getting a bit hotter and muggier over the weekend. Tomorrow will feature lowers 90s for highs, and highs by Father's Day will warm into the mid 90s in many spots. It will also be getting muggier, and due to that fact, a few isolated storms are possible anywhere across the region. However, the chance of rain in any one spot remains small.

Next week looks hot and muggy with lots of mid 90s for highs and the daily chance of at least a few PM storms. The heat might try to break just a but toward the end of the week.


We still have our tropical wave, which is bringing unsettled weather to the Lesser Antilles today. However, upper level winds remain hostile, and development is not likely.


Anonymous 12:42 AM  

Hi Matthew!

I had a question for you about tornado sirens and the lack there of here in the Charlotte area. Having lived in Atlanta and having lived in Charlotte I know that tornadoes strike both places. However Atlanta is covered by a good placement of tornado sirens, while Charlotte not so much. Tornado sirens are very effective and are an excellent way to warn people of inclement weather. I know that there are a few places where they do have them and I have seen a couple but they are few and far between. I don't know if I have ever heard one here. Anyway maybe you have some information for me. Take care! Hope you had a good weekend!!

Matthew East 5:41 AM  

Hi there! There are civil defense sirens around portions of the Charlotte region, and many times they are sounded during tornado warnings. However, they are really meant to alert people who are outdoors that something bad is happening. They are not really designed to alert people who are inside.

Every home, business, and place of worship needs to have a NOAA weather radio. This is by far the best way to alert you that severe weather is approaching, day or night.

Hope your weekend was good as well!

Anonymous 1:43 AM  

Oh I agree on the weather radio part!! Especially now with the technology that they have. But still those tornado sirens have that eerie tone and sound to them that will always get my attention!

Matthew East 4:04 AM  

I agree.....the sound of the tornado siren is still one that gets my heart racing...

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