Scorching pattern continues...

>> Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The heat marches on around the region today. In fact, highs today will likely be the hottest they have been during this stretch of hot weather with mid to upper 90s around the region. Heat index values will exceed 100 degrees at times this afternoon, and the air quality is in the Code Orange category for most sections.

In terms of rain chances, I do expect some isolated showers and storms to fire off this afternoon, but they will likely be few and far between. What storms do form could cause some damaging winds and frequent lightning.

More of the day tomorrow with mid to upper 90s and only a few late day storms. Many Sandhills locations could hit the century mark tomorrow.

A weakening frontal boundary will drop in here Friday and give us a little better chance of seeing some scattered showers and storms. Highs will back down into the low to mid 90s as well.

This weekend, I will mention the chance for a few storms Saturday with mid 90s for highs....then mainly dry Sunday with mid to possibly upper 90s.

A pattern change is in the offing next week. At this point, it looks like we have a chance at seeing some significantly cooler air by mid-week.....maybe 80s for highs?!?!


Our disturbance in the Caribbean Sea continues to struggle to organize. Thus far, it has been unable to do so. However, a lot of modeling continues to indicate development potential with this, and if anything can develop, it will likely wind up in the Gulf later this weekend.


Jonathan (Hickory, NC) 8:06 AM  

Hi Matt-

Long read/write. It's just been the same ol' hot, dry weather around here with the occasional t-storm. It's not exactly the most exciting weather around. Maybe with the advent of hurricane season it will get a little more interesting weather-wise. Bring on winter! Is it here yet?

Matthew East 10:03 AM  

Good to have you back! Yeah, not the most exciting weather, but the tropics might start hopping soon.

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