Hot fun in the summertime....

>> Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Today marks the first full day of summer, and there will be no mistaking the seasons today. Highs will be in the mid 90s for most spots, and heat index values could exceed 100 degrees at times. Also, the air quality will be in the Code Orange category for the Charlotte, Triad, and Triangle zones today, so sensitive groups need to limit the amount of time spent outside.

A couple of storms made it out of the mountains yesterday into the foothills. Today, I think anywhere across the region is fair game to see a few afternoon storms fire. The storms will be few and far between, but the storms that do develop could pack a punch with some gusty winds and frequent lightning.

More of the same is on the way tomorrow and Thursday with mid to even some upper 90s for highs and a few PM storms.

A weakening frontal boundary will drop in here Friday into the weekend, and that will enhance the chance of scattered storms a bit and back our highs down just a bit into the low to mid 90s.


Nothing organized yet, but lots of rumblings in the Caribbean Sea. Odds seem to be increasing that something will pop in that region relatively soon.


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