Wintry weather off to our north and west...

>> Monday, January 26, 2009

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Our weekend was pretty good. I was able to take my middle daughter, Grace, out Saturday evening for some dinner and then to a hockey game....we had a blast.

After church yesterday, I did something I haven't done in probably 15 or more years.....I played kickball. A bunch of kids of folks in our Sunday School class have been playing after church, and myself and a couple of other dads joined them yesterday. Fun stuff....

I have been battling some sinus issues the past couple of days, and it seems to be getting a more significant hold of me this morning. Nothing major as of yet, but I am trying to fight it off with some Mucinex.

In terms of the weather, we will see a good deal of clouds today with highs in the 40s. Some rain chances will arrive by tomorrow morning, and really, from tomorrow morning through at least Wednesday night, I can't rule out some passing showers at any point in time.

In the northwest Piedmont, a few areas could be at or below 32 degrees when the light rain arrives tomorrow morning, so a brief period of freezing rain will be possible. However, I don't think this will be anything significant.

Yesterday, the GFS was going bananas with an area of low pressure bringing significant precip to the region Friday. This morning, it has that low suppressed way off to our south. Most other modeling keeps us precip free as well. So for this morning's forecast package, I have kept Friday 'mostly cloudy,' but I do not have any precip mentioned.

A shot of chillier air moves in Friday into Saturday, and right now the weekend looks dry.


Anonymous 4:48 PM  

So we're in a "zonal" pattern now which is probably pretty bad for our snow chances....keeps us pretty normal to mild usually I think.

Question, what's the best "synoptic pattern" for us to get snow? I'm guessing it's whichever one used to bring the LOW pressure systems from Texas east, to our south then up the coast. What pattern is that? And why doesn't that EVER happen anymore Matt? Now it seems all the LOW systems go great lake cutter territory...west of the Appalachians. Do you have any idea of why we don't see that anymore?

It used to be you could see the Low form in south Texas and track the moisture/snow coming from texas into mississippi, then Georgia, right up I-85. Where'd all those types of tracks go? Thanks.


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