>> Saturday, January 31, 2009

I have several family commitments that I am in the middle of today, so not much time right now. However, I wanted to put a quick post up.

Overall, things just don't look good for a big storm system. It does not appear as though the upper levels of the atmosphere are going to cooperate in a fashion that will allow for a big-time system.

With that said, I won't completely rule out the possibility of a stronger system, I just don't think it is likely as of now.

To say the details of how things will unfold Monday through early Wednesday are up in the air would be a gross understatement.

Generally speaking, we will have two 'systems' move around Monday night, and another 24 hours or so later. Both of them now look pretty moisture-starved, but either one of them could produce some flakes in the Southeast.

It is possible that some folks could wind up with some minor snow accumulations with either one of those systems, however, I just think the chance of major accumulation is very small, outside of some good upslope potential in the mountains.

That is how things look now. I have not yet seen the new 12z is due out about 30 minutes after I am typing this post. However, the overall modeling trend has been toward a solution I described above.

I will keep taking a look at things over the rest of the weekend and will post any thoughts as time allows and data requires.

Enjoy your weekend, and thanks so much for reading and stopping by!


Iceman 1:07 PM  

What do you think about that system behind the big one. Could it bring us some snow?

junior weather man 11:29 PM  

SSSOOOO..... since this storm system is a BOMBER FOR SNOW, do you see any storm systems in the future comming our way from the Gulf to produce some GOOOOODDDD accumulations for us?? ALSO, could this system comming turn around and wind up dumping a little more than a dusting in the western carolinas (western peidmont)??

Anonymous 1:14 AM  

Well, so far this season, we got one shot of "substantial" snowfall - the storm that came day after MLK day (Jan. 20). Given that we are not known for a region for heavy accumulating snowfall, it'd be nice to see one more possibility/opportunity for a major snowfall before spring begins. Let's cross our fingers that maybe God might send us another snowstorm within the next 30 days (then it will be March).

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