Winding down....

>> Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Been popping live hits every 5-7 minutes since 4am. 9:51 will be my last today before I hand the reigns over to Bob Child for the Triad market.

I really enjoy covering breaking weather events, but bot does it take it out of you.

RDU area is really getting hammered....I think some spots in that region will see 7-8" before all is said and done. Accumulating snow potential about done for the Charlotte metro and the Triad.

Roads are still messy, and will be for a while.

Everyone who got the snow they wanted, enjoy it! We did not get a whole lot at our house, but when I get home I will go outside with the kids for a while...then take a nice afternoon nap!

Back at it tomorrow morning....should be back on a 'normal' schedule then with a new edition of the Carolina Weather video posted bright and early.

My blog hits have been through the roof the past couple of days. THANK YOU for all who stop by my little nook of the internet!


Anonymous 10:04 AM  

Thank you, Matt, for all the information you provide us. As a meteorology student at NCSU, I really enjoy reading your blog and learning a little from you. Stay safe today!


Anonymous 11:16 AM  

Not a thing on the ground here in mooresville.

Burgertime 1:28 PM  

Yea, thank Matt. I saw some lightning last night at around 3:30.. a pretty fun sight for sure. Now lets all get our hopes up for next week!

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