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>> Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another quick post here. The 12z European continues to show a nice little snowfall for the Piedmont of North Carolina Monday night into Tuesday. In general, the GFS and NAM have not been in great agreement with that scenario, but the latest NAM (18z) seems to be trending in the direction of the Euro.

That snow chance is with the second of two disturbances that will pivot through our region. The first one could bring some passing snow showers or flurries in the Piedmont regions (especially the northern Piedmont) tomorrow.

Stay tuned. I don't have a lot of confidence in any one scenario at this point. I will be at work early tomorrow morning and will pour over all of the latest data then.

So, while there is nothing to be confident about right now, snow fans, at least you have a shot...


Anonymous 4:41 PM  

Matthew if we do get snow in charlotte .Could this trun out to be a big event with accumulation maybe 2 -6 in charlotte?

Matthew East 5:49 PM  

I wouldn't say a big event...but the possibility of some accumulating snow is there somewhere in the Piedmont.

Anonymous 5:53 PM  

Matthew, if the European model is correct with the monday night into tuesday clipper system... how much accumulation could occur?

Anonymous 6:07 PM  

If this were to happen would shelby be in a good position for snow?

Matthew East 6:50 PM  

Let's just see how tonight's model runs pan out. Verbatim, the 12z Euro gave 1-3" roughly around CLT and more than that around the Triad...and then the most in the eastern half of NC.

Tyler Legg 6:54 PM  

Is this tomorrow night into Tuesday or next week?....

Tyler Legg 6:54 PM  

Is this tomorrow night into Tuesday or next week?....

Anonymous 7:26 PM  


From what you've seen would this be a situation were the foothills get left out and the triad east gets the snow??


Anonymous 7:49 PM  

Hey matthew... i was looking over some of the latest modeling and they are spitting precip out for tomorrow night into tuesday with the clipper system. Maybe they are starting to come around with the European Model... we will see.

Burgertime 9:35 PM  

Looks like you will have a fun morning Matt!

Anonymous 9:38 PM  

Matthew, is the Euro model a good indication we will see snow? Has it been reliable in the past?

Anonymous 10:21 PM  

The nam has done gone and blown up.

Anonymous 10:34 PM  

That's interesting....the EURO was calling that out several days ago wasn't it? The GFS was calling for a Sunday event but the EURO was hollering for Tuesday. Looks like you've got to score a point for the EURO. I know it's not in stone, but it's interesting how other models are falling in line now with the EURO recently. BMW's, Mercedez, Volvos, and now meterological models!! EURO's been spot on this winter it seems. Let's hope it gets this one right!!


Anonymous 11:14 PM  

omg. Have you seen the 0z models. The NAM and the GFS? That's closer to the Euro Solution! Actually looks like a very decent event for NC!

Im in Alexander county and definately excited for this storm. And hopefully it happens!

49erweather 11:50 PM  

The latest nam modeling is predicting much like the euro now. Nam is predicting some strong upper level support and some pretty strong pva. looks like trough may dig some as well. The euro had the first system right that went through sunday morning and it looks like it has initiated the best out of all of them. Keep my fingers crossed for some snow monday night into tuesday.

DoubleJ 2:52 AM  

Thanks Matt for keeping the dream alive, even if it fizzles out. I was just thrilled to have seen some snow flurries today, and if thing plays out, that would be an awesome start to the winter. Got to tell you, I like the Euro model a lot more right now than the GFS Model.

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