>> Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Light to moderate snow is occurring in much of North Carolina this morning. It will gradually taper off from west to east, but it will be a slow process.

Temps have dropped into the mid to upper 20s in the Triad viewing area with upper 20s to lower 30s for the Charlotte region.

Any snow that falls will accumulate, including on roadways. I think the roads are going to get pretty treacherous this morning as any water will freeze on untreated roads, and snow will only add to that problem as it accumulated.

Please pass along any information you have....snow accumulations, road conditions, pictures, whatever. Drop an email to weather@news14.com

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Anonymous 6:19 AM  

I live in Raleigh and have been following the models and updates since 11pm last night. It started out light, with a slight mix of rain but then quickly turned over to light snow. I'd say we easily have close to 2 inches on the ground with light snow to moderate snow falling. I actually just tried to go into work at 5:30, but turned around when I got to HWY64 and was sliding around everywhere. Roads are in pretty bad shape, I'm actually more worried about them tomorrow morning with temps getting in the teens. Looks like the Raleigh area will be socked into the snow for several more hours looking like a 4 inch snow event from my house.


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