>> Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Looks like a final uptick in snow will kick through Cleveland, Gaston, and Meck counties within the next hour or so. Snow will then taper off in the Charlotte region by mid-morning.

Total accumulation from the eastern side of the Charlotte metro on up through Randolph, Alamance, and SE Guilford counties 2-4" is all continues the way it looks now. RDU could see upwards of 5 or 6" before all is said and done.

Anywhere across the state this morning, it is best to stay home and off the roadways if you can. Temps are dropping through the 20s in many instances, and driving conditions will continue to deteriorate.

Put another log on the fire and stay warm....


Anonymous 6:31 AM  

Thanks Matthew, glad you guys are getting some snow as well. Looked like last night for awhile you guys would be lucky to get a dusting. As I mentioned in your 5AM post I tried to head out to work but the roads were to bad and I slowly came back to the house. Raleigh reported 2" on the ground about a hour ago or so, so 5-6" shouldn't be out of the question.


Anonymous 6:58 AM  

We've got about an inch on the ground here in Chapel Hill and snowing pretty good.

What do you think, Matthew? 3 inches? 2? Less?

(We're in the north part of town.

Anonymous 7:24 AM  

The NWS just said the snow could last until 18z. What does that mean?

Matthew East 7:27 AM  

Brian, I agree.

I am focused on the Triad and Charlotte regions this morning, so I defer to my brethren in Raleigh. However, some Triangle spots could certainly see over 5 inches.

18z is 1pm EST.

Anonymous 9:24 AM  

Bust-a-rific in Charlotte overall I guess (according to the observer). Mostly a dusting near me. East metro maybe got advisory level accumulations. West side and North of town the roads seem fine. Just a dusting of snow on the roads with it totally clear where cars have been driving. Very disappointing.

What do I have to do to get a gulf low to come out of Texas with cold air in place?:(


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