Watching Wednesday's System...

>> Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Check the new video for all of the details....I still think severe weather is a possibility tomorrow afternoon and evening (and you can tell I didn't have a full dose of coffee in me yet in the video...I said the winds at 850mb were out of the SSE instead of SSW).

The instability will still be somewhat lacking, but not because of conditions here near the ground. We will probably wind up with dewpoints over 60 degrees and temps over 70 degrees in spots tomorrow afternoon....not a problem in terms of supporting severe weather. However, the temperatueres aloft will not get overly cold, and that will keep instability in check.

So, we will probably see a round of showers and storms swing in later tomorrow afternoon and end tomorrow evening. Damaging winds will be possible, and I can't completely rule out an isolated tornado or two.

Of course, keep it tuned to News 14 Carolina for all of the details. I will be on the air in the Charlotte market tomorrow between 11am and through the afternoon hours before Jeff takes over for the evening shift.


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