Quick 2:45pm Update....

>> Thursday, February 01, 2007

Things are winding down. Most spots in the Charlotte region got a nice little shot of snow with this event. Up in the Triad region, some snow fell, but it was generally lighter.

Significant icing is not going to be a problem this afternoon and tonight. Temps are generally above freezing, and should primarily remain that way through the night.

One possible exception is the Virginia border counties in the Triad viewing area. There could be some additional rather minor ice accumulation overnight with the second wave of precip in that area.

Thanks so much for reading...the hit count for the blog has been huge the past couple of days. Thanks!

If time allows, I post a little later on why I believe the icing situation we were concerned about never materialized.


Anonymous 3:00 PM  

Matthew thanks for keeping us updated.Is there any chance? That we might a get big snowstorm in charlotte before the end of February

Matthew East 6:18 PM  

Thanks for your kind words. There is always a chance, but I don't see anything specific just yet.

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