Quick 11:15pm Update...

>> Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I have been scanning around all of the latest data this evening, and I think all systems are a 'go' for a signifitant winter weather event for much of the Charlotte and Triad News 14 Carolina regions.

The radar presentation of the developing precip over the Deep South looks quite healthy as of this typing and the temps and dewpoints around here are behaving generally as expected.

Some modelling, such as the 0z NAM model, has treneded a little colder for the event tomorrow, possibly making the duration of snow longer before a changeover to freezing rain. A lot of normally trustworth modelling (Stormcast, MM5) want to switch Charlotte over to plain rain early Thursday afternoon, but I just can't buy that scenario right now. I really think temps in Charlotte will have a very difficult time getting above freezing tomorrow.

So, for the Charlotte region, roughly from Charlotte north and west, I expect several hours of snow tomorrow morning. Accumulations of 2-3" seem very possible, with some locally higher amounts being possible if we see some periods of heavy snow. I still think we switch over to freezing rain at some point, and at least 0.25" of ice still look possible...maybe more.

In the Triad region, I think 3-4", possibly more, of snow look likely at this point, followed by a glazing of ice.

In both regions, travel will become difficult as tomorrow unfolds, and there is still the potential for some power outages.

For now, it is off to bed for me....I will post more as time allows.


Anonymous 11:51 PM  

More snow than ice would be nice. Thanks for keeping us updated!

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