Thursday Winter Event

>> Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Winter Storm Warnings are going to be hoisted for all of the Charlotte and most of the Triad News 14 Carolina viewing areas. Per the conference call with both of the GSP and RAH NWS offices, here is their thinking, and I am in agreement on most points...

  • For the Charlotte metro, look for snow to arrive close to daybreak. Several hours of snow are then possible
  • Later in the day, a switch to freezing rain occurs. Temperatures are going to have a hard time getting above freezing from Charlotte north and west.
  • The NWS is mentioning 1-2" of snow being possible with 0.25" - 0.50" of ice accumulation possible.
  • For the Triad, the NWS is calling for much of the same as above, except for 2-3" of snow followed by 0.25" - 3/8" of ice. Many Triad counties will likely not get above freezing tomorrow.
Bottom line is this. Travel will become a problem in many places as tomorrow unfolds. It is a tough call for area schools because there will likely not be any road problems at 6 or 7 in the morning. However, road conditions will likely deteriorate after that.

Power outages look possible, so you need to make preparations to that end to be on the safe side.
News 14 Carolina will be fully staffed and ready to roll for this event. We will have full weather staffing on hand to walk with you through Thursday's weather. Stay tuned, and we will keep you up to date....


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