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>> Friday, February 02, 2007

I think most of the News 14 Carolina staff is still catching our breath mentally after all of the action yesterday. Really, it has been pretty busy around here since the New Year....we have covered several big live events, and of course, we have had a few relatively minor winter weather events....but the way we cover them, lots of manpower and hours are required for those. So, a nice quiet evening and weekend ahead is a much-welcomed thing.

Also, today is Kris Cook's final day at News 14 Carolina. Kris is truly a gifted videographer who really knows how to tell a story in pictures. He will be missed. And, as many of you know, Kate Barker's final day was a couple of weeks ago. She is extremely talented and quite good at her craft, and her bright and smiling face is certainly noticeably missing from the halls nowadays.

And, what a tragedy down in Florida. As of the last I have seen, 19 fatalities in the storms. Some of the damage photos I have seen are horrific....truly a sad situation. I do not yet know all of the circumstances involved with these storms, but this is why I tell anyone who will listen to please have a NOAA weather radio in your home. Every home needs to have one.

Well, everyone have a great evening. Lots of cold weather on the way for sure. Winter weather fans....outside of the mountains, quiet conditions for the next 6 or 7 days. Our next big system will roll through sometime next weekend, but frankly, I have not evaluated that one much yet. When storm systems are rolling through our area, I always tend to primarily focus on the one at hand, so less of my attention gets cast on the "next" event. So, I am still in a little bit of a mental catch-up mode, forecasting wise, after our event yesterday.


Anonymous 10:49 PM  

On the subject of NOAA radio, I talked to my 76 year old mother today who told me she disconnected her wx radio. When I asked her why, she said "because it goes off all the time."
I have to agree. It seems that the number of alerts go up every year....sort of like the Breaking News sensationalism that makes people numb to the news.
I think alerts should be limited to life threatening wx events, i.e., warnings and not watches or advisories. Lord knows, if you are living in the Carolinas and a winter wx event is unfolding, you don't need a radio to blare it out!
Wonder how many people had wx radios blaring at 5:00PM this morning in FL who simply hit the "off" button due to the annoyance levels of alerts.

Anonymous 11:06 PM  

Sounds like she needs the newer type of wx radio. The kind that you can program only your county into. It cuts down on the usless crap of the older weather radios.

Matthew East 6:49 PM  

Thanks for your comments, and please see the latest blog entry.

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