Storms about to fire...

>> Friday, June 23, 2006

Visible satellite imagery clearly shows where yesterday's outflow boundary stalled out, and that is where storms will first fire over the next couple of hours. The boundary is draped across Rowan, Cabarrus, Mecklenberg, Gaston, and southern Cleveland counties.


Anonymous 2:40 PM  

Hey Matthew. What would tell a rookie that the clouds you see are outflow from yesterday vs. regular clouds? Thanks.

Matthew East 2:49 PM  

If you look at a visible satellite loop, you can see the cumulus cloud development occurring along that basically stationary boundary.

Aside from that, you could see the outflow boundary forming on the radar data yesterday afternoon, and I just remembered that is about where it stalled out.

Anonymous 2:51 PM  

Thanks Matthew. Hopefully we will get some much needed rain.

Matthew East 3:12 PM  


Anonymous 8:03 PM  

You were right on the nose Matthew. Storms fired right where you said they would.

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