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>> Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The heat continues to build this week. As I am typing this, most places in North Carolina (outside of the mountains) are in the low to mid 90s.

Speaking of the mountains, the current temperature of 66.5 degrees at the summit of Grandfather Mountains sure sounds nice right about now! Check out the link below...

Monday and Tuesday constitute my weekend, so that is why there has not been much in the way of posting here over the past 2 days. However, I am back in the saddle again on-air shift begins at 11:00am.

Everyone have a great evening. God bless...


Anonymous 12:49 AM  

I love reading the new blogs! Puts a person behind the job. And I love that you sign off "God bless".

Thank you!


Anonymous 12:00 PM  

Can I order some snow in the forecast? About 10 inches and 25 degrees would be nice. Thanks. :)

Matthew East 1:40 PM  

Thanks for your kind words. If I can do any little thing to help spread the Gospel, I try to do it.

And I agree...I LOVE cold weather and snow. I don't know how I used to play outside all day in this heat as a kid!

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