Wet start to 2017

>> Monday, January 02, 2017

And I take an in-depth look at the potential for wintry weather late this week:


Anonymous 12:08 PM  

If the 12z GFS were to verify you better get the milk and bread now while there's still time.

Anonymous 5:07 PM  

Fingers crossed for snow and not ice

Mark Bryson 5:55 PM  

While I HIGHLY doubt that 12z run will verify (that kind of storm is just so rare), I would LOVE to see a good snow. So much disagreement between GFS and EURO right now. Would like to see them come closer.

Unknown 6:38 PM  

Not 100% true. The EURO didn't spit out what the GfS did we need to be 48hr out

Unknown 6:39 PM  

If the EURO would get on the field, and support the GFS it would be game on son!!!

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