Potential winter storm on the way

>> Thursday, January 05, 2017

Today's video has all of the details:


Anonymous 1:34 PM  

Hi Matthew,

I met you at one of your daughters softball games. Just wanted to say again, thanks for your blogs and hard work and it was nice to meet you.

I am a big snow fan as well and follow you here an on WX. I know depending on which model you believe, the potential is there for a big snow in the CLT area.

What is your "weeine" thoughts on getting 6" or more in the CLT area?

Lee B

Anonymous 2:18 PM  

Not Matthew, but it's highly possible. Someone will most likely see that much but you could drive 30 miles away and have only a trace. This will probably be a classic storm where one county divides the minimum and maximum totals. Even CLT metro could vary multiple inches from the northwest to southeast sides. You could get more than that, but just be prepared that it could be an inch. It's practically impossible to forecast where that deformation band will setup which is where the big totals will be with others only miles away being left with minimal accumulations. Good luck!

Anonymous 2:29 PM  

Thanks for the input and good luck to you as well if you like snow!!

Anonymous 4:16 AM  

Hey matthew, I've heard a couple of people talking about a concern of more rain expected in charlotte. What are your thoughts on this?

Anonymous 8:30 AM  

Depends on the model they use. Still disagreement on where the rain snow line will setup. Also, the storm has trended stronger which has brought the low further north and inland which is bringing in more warm air. But with that stringer storm it also brings the potential for higher accumulations once it changes to snow, if it starts as rain. In the end, totals should still be similar, maybe even a little higher, even if there is some rain at the beginning.

Matthew East 8:36 AM  

Hey guys..... sorry for not replying yesterday. Latest video and thoughts are just posted this morning.

Hi Lee.... I remember speaking with you. Thanks for checking in, and hope you enjoy the snow!

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