Grading the forecast....

>> Monday, February 20, 2012

As I always do after a storm, in today's video I go back and take a look at my snowfall forecast and grade it out. See the video for that plus a look ahead.

Lots of problems on roads in the Triad and Triangle areas this morning. I would recommend remaining off of the roads until mid-morning if you have that option in these areas.

Lots of sunshine today with upper 40s and lower 50s for highs. Highs warm into the 50s tomorrow, then 60s Wednesday. Highs by Thursday will be in the upper 60s....maybe even lower 70s in some spots.

A strong cold front will move through Thursday night and Friday bringing some shower chances. Behind that front, we will temps back down to a little below average for the weekend.


Scott Young 11:07 AM  

Great job on the snow forcast. I thought you graded yourself a little to harsh for the NW Piedmont! Keep up the great work with the blog and at American Weather!

DoubleJ 11:07 AM  

Well, at least Charlotte's record is in tact. Also glad that the Triad and Triangle saw something. Good for them. As for me, I saw some flakes, so I guess I'm good for the next ten months or so, lol. Good job Matthew, thank you.

Anonymous 11:17 AM  

So no more snow now that we got this 1 MAtt? An the forecast you had out was good except for those mountians but overall very well...Mike

Matthew East 2:36 PM  

Thanks a bunch guys....appreciate it! Always have to take a look after every system, see what went wrong and what went right, see what can be learned, and go from there.

As for additional possibilities, not sure yet. It's obviously getting late in the season, but I'm not ready to close the door completely yet. I'll see if I can gaze into that crystal ball later this week.

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