>> Sunday, February 19, 2012

Above is the radar composite from about 1:15pm.

I share the concerns of some about how the radar looks right now. However, this is somewhat encouraging. Take a look at the latest 4km RPM, valid at 1pm:

Now take a look at what it has at 8pm:

So, while the radar (and some modeling) seems to be shifting the heaviest precip north of NC into VA, I think the prudent thing right now is to stay the course with the forecast.

As the lift from the incoming upper level impulse moves in, we should see the precip blossom in NC. If it doesn't, well then the accumulation forecast is definitely in trouble. But let's see what radar trends we see over the next several hours. After that point, we can refine the forecast if need be.


Anonymous 4:50 PM  

In Danville, VA right now and there's about 1" on the ground. It's still dumping snow! The roads are already snow covered. Been snowing decently for about an hour.


Matthew East 4:57 PM  

Thanks Jeremy!

Anonymous 5:31 PM  

Closing in on 2" here in Danville! Still snowing. So much for the ground temps being too warm lol...


Anonymous 5:40 PM  

Well, got about 3 inches in Ashe County. could that moisture building back across the middle of Tennessee help out any with the snow totals? and do you think this band coming through the mountains right now is the last?

Anonymous 8:11 PM  

I am looking at the interactive radar on news14.com website tonight. It appears the storm went too far north for CLT metro region to get its first snow. If the storm tracked 50 to 100 miles farther south than it did, that would have given CLT its first snow of the season. It's really SHAME it happened this way. Oh well, might as well throw the towel and call it spring. Try again next winter, assume not a repeat of another mild winter.

Anonymous 9:38 PM  

Hey Matthew,

About 4" so far here in Danville, VA. We've had some nice bands to come through. The last one put down about 1.5" in an hour. Power lines and trees are sagging. I saw where Burlington is getting snow and now it looks like over towards Raleigh is going to get some. Hope it snows for all of you who want it.


Anonymous 11:48 PM  

3 to 4 in Ricmond VA. Still snowing.

Matthew East 3:42 AM  

Awesome guys.... thanks for all of the reports!

Yes....for the Charlotte area, the track was just a bit too far north for anything of significance. However, the airport did record snow, so it will not go down as a snowless Winter in the record books.

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