Nice pattern continues

>> Tuesday, December 13, 2011

No change to the overall thinking over the next several days about what will be affecting your weather. As we talked about yesterday the big trough and storm system is rolling on shore today into southern California. As that happens it is forcing a ridge to develop over the eastern half of the country. Take a look at the NAM 500mb model for Wednesday evening.

Now again this is for tomorrow evening. First thing you notice is that the trough begins to open up. You don't have that closed 'circle' over the southwest like we had in the image I posted yesterday. That indicates the system will not be as strong as it moves east.

Secondly, note the large area of clock-wise flow in the southeastern US. That is a large ridge of high pressure with above normal temps for much of the region. Now at the surface a slight wedge will be present, so you won't see extreme warmth, but you will see some low 60s over the next couple of days.

So with that in mind we'll keep it mild through most of the week. As this system progresses east with a cold front, you will probably see some rain by Friday and Friday night. Yes I said rain. You won't be seeing any snow with this system as the cold air won't move in til behind the front. We'll talk more about the rain chances over the next couple of days. Have a great Tuesday!


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