Monday Morning

>> Monday, December 12, 2011

Hey everybody . . . back in for Matthew this morning as he takes a little vacation with the family. Sorry this is a bit later than he usually posts. I'm on central time here so it's hard for me to get that up earlier! Anyway, hope everybody had a great weekend. Pretty quiet week on tap actually over the next several days. Here's a look at the NAM model run at 500 mb for this evening . . .
That's a massive trough and storm system moving onto California today. Going to bring some heavy rain around the 4 Corners area. However if you look to the east of that . . . not a whole lot out there. Little disturbance rolling through the area this morning with some clouds, and that's about it. So basically we're going to be under a fairly nice ridge for the next several days. This will mean temperatures warming through the middle of the week. Now anybody looking for cold weather for the season or snow is going to be out of luck, but it should be pretty nice.

So with that in mind the forecast calls for warmer weather starting tomorrow. Look for a chilly day today with some upper 40s for highs, but then we're back into the upper 50s to low 60s for the next few days, and maybe even some mid 60s by Thursday. Rain chances will also be pretty non-existent through Thursday it looks like. Hope you're able to enjoy it!


Anonymous 3:14 PM  

Hi Hank,
So is Matthew going to be off for the rest of the week and be back on Monday?

Hank Allen 8:36 AM  

Hey there. You know I'm not totally sure. haha. I should know this but I don't know if he's back this week or not. I think maybe Thursday or Friday is possible. Sorry I don't know for sure!

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