Changes ahead!!!

>> Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hope you're enjoying the springlike weather over the past couple of days! Probably doesn't feel like the holidays too much though. Things will be changing though as we head into the weekend. That front we talked about earlier in the week is moving very slow, and frankly not looking that impressive at all. Eventually though it will begin to move east during the day on Friday. As that happens look for showers to move into the area.

Most of the rain should be in the afternoon, but overall I don't expect to see tremendous rainfall totals out of this system. The big story will be the temperature swing behind the front. You're going to go from the mid 60s ahead of this sytem . . . to highs only in the low 50s by Saturday and Sunday.

We may be looking at a strong system affecting the area by the middle of next week but that is still a little up in the air. Have a great afternoon!


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