Fairly hot next couple of days....cool and rainy next week...

>> Friday, September 02, 2011

Please see today's video. A picture is worth a thousand words, and I cover a lot of ground in today's video.

It will be fairly hot today and tomorrow with highs in the Piedmont in the low to even some mid 90s. A few showers and storms will be possible as well.

As we head into next week, I am getting more confident that much of the region will see some good rains as the moisture from TD 13 gets drawn northeastward and in our direction. It looks like the trough that swings in will be able to pull a lot of moisture up in this general direction, and that will coincide with the arrival of a cooler airmass. The result will likely be some quite cool, rainy conditions for parts of next week.

At this point, I expect some good rain chances Labor Day, Tuesday, and Wednesday at least. Tuesday could be the day with heaviest rainfall, and it is possible some Piedmont spots could fail to reach 70 for a high.


TD 13 is in the northern Gulf of Mexico, and this could become TS Lee in the next couple of days. However, the big story from this system will likely be flooding rains and not winds and surf. Some locations along the central Gulf coast could wind up seeing over 15-20" of rain before all is said and done.

Katia is still churning out in the Atlantic. I still think this one needs to be closely monitored for interests along the East coast. It might remain out to sea, but I am still not ready to buy into that solution lock, stock, and barrel.


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