Nice weather the next few days.... eyeing the tropics...

>> Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We will round out August in grand fashion with lots of sun, low humidity, and highs in the 80s. The weather tomorrow will be much the same.

Highs will bump up into the lower 90s or so as we head through Saturday and Sunday, and then our next cold front arrives.

The specifics with our weather Monday through Wednesday next week will largely depend on what happens with a disturbance entering the Gulf of Mexico.

Frankly, the models are all over the place with this one. Please see the video for more. In short, the solutions range from a tropical system hitting south Texas to a system hitting the Florida Panhandle and lifting up near the Carolina coast.

Both the European and the GFS model wind up giving much of our region a couple of cooler, rainy days, but they get to that solution in very different ways. All said...we need more time to refine that part of the forecast.

Katia will likely become a hurricane today and still stands a good chance of becoming a major hurricane. Most models continue to show this as being a non-threat to the US, but I am still not ready to confidently say this will be no problem. See the video for more.


DoubleJ 6:05 PM  

Even though its not a lock for Katia to go out to sea, that clearly would be the best solution for everyone. Pretty sure the East Coast isn't ready for another storm. Thanks for keeping us updated on the situation.

Matthew East 4:32 AM  

Yeah, I don't think anybody wants to see a big hurricane hit the coast again....

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