Wet conditions...

>> Monday, September 05, 2011

A wet scenario will unfold for us over the next couple of days. We have the remnants of Lee pumping lots of deep, tropical moisture up into our region. At the same time, a potent cold front is slowly approaching from the northwest.

These features will combine to bring waves of rain and a few storms to our viewing area today through tomorrow. There will likely be some flooding issues develop in time, and much of the region is under a Flash Flood Watch until at least Wednesday morning.

The threat of severe weather will also have to be closely monitored, especially tomorrow afternoon. A few brief tornadoes will be possible if some areas.

There will also be a huge difference in temperature tomorrow from north to south around the region....places near the VA border might be in the low to mid 70s while places closed to SC are well into the 80s.


I feel more confident this morning that Katia will remain east of the Outer Banks, and the prospects are looking better that this will turn out to sea before hitting any part of the US. However, we will still need to watch for any surprises.


Anonymous 12:32 PM  

When are we going to see a real push of fall air (60s and low 70s)?

Anonymous 1:40 PM  

Probably in about 2-3 weeks... autumn is less than 3 weeks away.


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