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>> Thursday, August 04, 2011

It is a warmer and muggier morning out there today compared to recent mornings, and it will be a muggier day overall for our Thursday. It will still be fairly hot with most highs in the mid 90s, and when you factor in the humidity, afternoon heat index values will exceed 100 degrees at times. A few isolated storms are also possible this afternoon and tonight.

A disturbance will move through the region tomorrow and Saturday, and in response to that, a good number of scattered showers and storms should develop. Due to more clouds and storms, highs tomorrow and Saturday will probably be held a little shy of 90 in most spots.

The heat will build again Sunday and Monday with highs surging well up through the 90s again.


Tropical Storm Emily is centered close to the southern coast of Hispaniola. Big-time flooding problems will continue in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Emily will lift northwest into the Bahamas later tomorrow and then likely bend to the north and northeast a couple hundred miles off of the Carolina coast and out to see. Probably no huge impacts on the coast in terms of flooding rain or wind, but I do think there will be some significantly increased surf over the weekend into Monday or so.

If you have a beach trip planned this weekend, I personally would not say you need to cancel your plans. However, you do need to keep up with the latest information on Emily in the event some changes occur with the forecast, which is certainly possible.


Anonymous 4:58 PM  

Will the recent weakening of Emily cause the storm to track further West?

Matthew East 5:40 AM fact, it's slower motion will likely make the eventual track farther east as the trough swings in and picks it up.

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