Lower humidity this afternoon....heat builds again through mid-week

>> Monday, August 01, 2011

Here's today's edition of the video...I talk about this week's weather and our developing tropical system, which might make a run at the US.

After the region had a good coverage of scattered showers and storms over the weekend, we now head back into a drier pattern over the next few days. It will be noticeably less humid this afternoon, and most highs will be in the lower 90s.

The heat will build tomorrow and Wednesday...look for mid 90s tomorrow and upper 90s to near 100 Wednesday.

A few storms are possible Thursday and Friday afternoon with better storm chances arriving over the weekend.


It sure looks like our next classified tropical system is forming east of the Lesser Antilles this morning. A recon plane will be in the system later this morning to see whether or not a closed low level circulation has indeed formed.

This one bears watching. The system will head through the northern Caribbean and will likely head into general direction of the Bahamas. I do note that some modeling has shifted westward and actually takes the system into the eastern Gulf. At any rate, Emily-to-be could wind up threatening the US, and we will watch it closely.


DoubleJ 10:47 AM  

I see Charlotte finally made it the 100 degree mark on Saturday. I'll be honest, it did not feel that bad, and I guess its because that heat wave was not as oppressively muggy as the one previous to it. I guess I'd rather the temps be hotter rather than have the humidity factor being an issue.

Matthew East 12:51 PM  

Oh yeah...I will take higher heat if you trade in for lower dewpoints. High in CLT was 100 Friday and 101 Saturday.

Anonymous 3:06 PM  

Speaking of this very hot weather.Matthew when do you a change in the pattern and for temps to go back to temps in the 80s .

DoubleJ 4:42 PM  

I missed the Friday temps. Wow, nice couple of days there. I would like to see a cooler than average August, though I think that would be just a dream at this point.

Matthew East 7:50 PM  

I don't see anything like that on the immediate horizon. I would imagine we would see a cool-down at some point this month, but time will tell.

Anonymous 10:43 PM  

Maybe Hurricane Emily will come and bring some fun and games here? :)

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