Scattered storms today...Emily will be born soon...

>> Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saturday was another scorcher around the region...some select highs.....

Fayetteville: 105
Charlotte: 101
Wilmington: 101
Clemson: 101
Burlington: 100
RDU: 100
Greensboro: 96
Hatteras: 94

Today, the scenario is different. Look for a lot more clouds, lots of scattered shower and storm opportunities, and highs in the low 90s at most in many places. As you get down into South Carolina, it will get hotter.


Invest 91L will likely get classified today as a tropical depression. This is the system out in the Atlantic I have been discussing with you. This one could become a significant tropical system by the time it reaches the NE Caribbean Islands.

From there, it will likely head in the general direction of the Bahamas as it begins to bend to the north.

It is a bit too early for this yet....since we don't have classified system yet. However, I doubt this gets into the Gulf of Mexico. If it does threaten the US, it would be the East Coast. But this could wind up being a recurving storm that doesn't threaten the US. We will see.

Here is the Canadian position at 144 hours....


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