Snow pulling out....sunshine quickly returns today

>> Thursday, February 10, 2011

Here is today's edition of the Carolina Weather Video....snow ending this morning with warmer times ahead....

Before I go any further, I want to give a big 'thank you' to Hank Allen for providing some great content while I was away. Great job, and I appreciate you guys reading what he had to say.

Our snow-producing system behaved just about as expected around the Carolinas. The forecast wording I put here on the blog yesterday worked out pretty is my quote from yesterday morning:

"Here is the accumulation map I drew for this morning. For the I-85 corridor, this is a very low-impact type event....a dusting to at most an inch or so for most. Many places will likely see no snow accumulation at all."

Some schools and businesses operated on delays this morning, and there were some slick spots on some roads. But all in all, it was indeed a pretty low-impact event around here for most. How about up to two feet of snow in northern Arkansas though! And Fayetteville, AR recorded their coldest temperature ever this morning..... -18!

Highs will be in the 40s today with lots of afternoon sun....upper 40s to lower 50s tomorrow.

Warmer weather...

By Sunday, highs should surge into the 60s, and they will stay there most days right through next work week. I think it is completely possible that some lower 70s creep in for some highs by Thursday or Friday next week. Like I said in the video, I have issued a "Spring Fever Watch" for next week....

Down the road, the NAO and AO show signs of moving at least back to neutral while the PNA stays negative. We will see where the pattern might head as we get toward the latter stages of February.


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Susanna 7:59 AM  

Good to have you back, Matthew! I didn't get to post the other day. Hank did agreat job fillin in, and I enjoyed reading his posts. Of course, we missed you though. No one can replace you as our favorite "weather guy". Thanks, as always, for keeping us posted on not only the here and now, but potential future happenings too. If we hit 70's next week, as much as I'm a snow lover, spring fever is DEFINITELY going to start hitting.

Matthew East 8:16 AM, thanks for your kindness. I am happy to have you guys read and watch. Yeah, you won't find anybody that loves cold and snow as much as me, but 70s would feel nice!

Anonymous 9:06 AM  

So your honest winter over? Thanks for all you do!!

Matthew East 4:20 PM  

I do not think we have likely seen the last of any cold air. I don't have a feel for its possible return time frame yet though. As for wintry precip chances, I just don't know.

Anonymous 10:13 PM  

I think winter has decided to take a break... maybe this warmth that is scheduled to come is temporary. I hear from AccuWeather website that cold may return towards end of February or early March. It would be nice to see one more winter hit before we transition to spring.


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