Another southern snow event

>> Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Here is today's edition of the Carolina Weather Video.....

Next system is approaching from the west. Snow is flying in northeast TX, much of Arkansas, eastern OK, and into parts of MO and KS as I am typing this. The snow will spread to the east and southeast today, and by the end of the day will cover much of north and central MS, western AL, and TN.

This is a deal though where the main upper level energy will be dampening out and transferring over to a coastal low, so I anticipate a relative min in snow from the Upstate of SC into a good chunk of the Piedmont of NC. As the coastal low takes over, more significant snow accumulations are possible near the coast and coastal plain.

Here is the accumulation map I drew for this morning. For the I-85 corridor, this is a very low-impact type event....a dusting to at most an inch or so for most. Many places will likely see no snow accumulation at all.
We will keep an eye on it though....surprises are always possible somewhere.


DoubleJ 11:36 AM  

Thanks Matthew for the update. Looks like a light event, but I don't mind seeing another dusting before the warmup.

Matthew East 1:33 PM  

Nah....always fun to see! Some winters we get nada and we would be excited about this!

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