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>> Monday, February 07, 2011

Hey guys! Just a quick check-in.....Still not back at work today....I am back at the office full throttle Wednesday morning.

Couple of storm systems swinging through through this week....but precip totals overall look pretty light. With the system arriving by Thursday, the NAM and European model are slower to weaken the system than some other modeling as it moves into the region. I really haven't dipped into the forecasting waters deeply enough for any real specifics or confidence though, so take with a grain of salt.

Our old friend, the PNA, is tanking into the negative category. The NAO and AO are also likely going to remain generally that means warmer weather is on the horizon. Is this the end of winter? Probably not, but a milder stretch is definitely ahead.


Anonymous 8:24 PM  

If you recall, last year (2010), we had a winter hit the first week of March then few days later, the temp shot up to 70 for high. By then we all figured out that that was the end of winter and we transitioned into spring (or almost like summer). Do you foresee a pattern like that for this year? Just curious.

God bless,

Matthew East 8:42 AM  

I would imagine we have some more cold air in the I don't think Spring simply begins this weekend. But how long the above-average temp patters holds is up for debate.

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