Monday Morning...

>> Monday, November 24, 2008

Good morning on this Thanksgiving week! I am off today....will be back in the office tomorrow. So, at least this video. I am off to a function with my 3 year old this morning.

A cold front will move through tonight and bring us a quick shot of rain. This will not be a long-duration event, but many spots could pick up a quarter of half an inch of rain.

Another rain-maker will move through toward the end of the week....and if you are looking for winter weather, I still think the pattern as we get into December looks favorable overall. But I can't hone in on anything specific just yet. We may come up empty, but the overall pattern still looks pretty good to me.

Also, upon further review, I saw yesterday that the official low Saturday morning in Charlotte was in fact 13! Wow! Didn't have a chance to post that yesterday.....very impressive!


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