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>> Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Above is today's edition of the Carolina Weather Video.

I am short on time this morning....lots of behind the scenes stuff at work today. See the video for details to our forecast. Interesting system Sunday into Monday...close to wintry precip.....but nothing to get excited about yet.


Anonymous 12:07 PM  

You didn't get a chance to get in to early December on wintry weather chances on the video. Seems like there's some increased chances next week with the surge of cold air. Thoughts? Thanks.


Matthew East 1:17 PM  

Brad....I cut these videos about 2:30 in the morning now...I thought I mentioned next week.

At any rate, yes, I do still think chances are there the first couple of weeks of December for some wintry weather. In fact, taken at face value, the 12z GFS shows a quick hit of some sleet or wet snow in the northwest Piedmont later Sunday before changing to all rain.

Anonymous 2:32 PM  

Thanks Jeff, I must have turned the sucker off too quick....Just keeping my eye out for snow here in Charlotte. We're due. It's been what....4 years now since we've gotten a solid accumulating snow?


Anonymous 2:36 AM  

hey matthew,

i've notcied a couple other news stations have began to mention the possibility of winter weather next there some sort of growing confidence that this is going to happen. also, i know it's about 10 days or so out, so not in a lock, but that storm system showing up on the gfs aroun dec. 8th really looks impressive. if that were to play out, do you think that would also mean a chance for a good snowfall around then. thanks

Matthew East 7:35 AM  

Hi....I can't speak for the other news stations, but the GFS continues to show a stormy pattern with cold air around the Lower 48. Now, taken at face value, almost all of it is rain here in the Piedmont. But it shows you there is at least some potential there....

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