Under Construction

>> Thursday, January 24, 2008

The blog is undergoing some major and much-needed renovations. I will be working on it and tweaking it this evening.

Cold night tonight....next significant rain chance comes Tuesday, and I am watching some interesting developments shown on some modeling around next Friday. More later...


flat-lander 4:46 PM  

I will be traveling to the Avery County area next Thur 1/31 and will be there thru Sun 2/3. I know that it is a long way out--but any idea on weather? You mentioned something on your blog about Friday.

Matthew East 5:34 PM  

Yeah, I am delving into that now....I will have a post coming up later....

Burgertime 6:59 PM  

Remember safety first when doing major construction.

Matthew East 7:02 PM  

Hard-hat has been on this evening...thing think the heavy lifting is finished for now....

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