>> Friday, January 25, 2008

It is cold out there this morning....a few selected lows this morning...

  • Charlotte 15
  • Greensboro 18
  • Winston Salem 14
  • Gastonia 18
  • Boone 9
  • RDU 21
  • Sugar Mountain summit -2
  • Blowing Rock 5
  • App Ski Mountain 3
  • Banner Elk -1
  • Beech Mountain -3
Check out some of the High Country Web Cams...I have a link on the right. Lots of snow on the ground this morning.

Browse around and let me know what you think about the new design, and I would love to hear any suggestions that you have.

I am still watching with interest the storm system that should move through next Thursday or Friday. The GFS and the European continue to hint at some ice potential in the western Carolinas, at least as that next system begins. A classic cold air damming configuration keeps showing itself on those models, and has been for a couple of days now. Plenty of time on that one...


Anonymous 10:03 AM  

Are we talking all freezing rain for CLT, or is there a possibility for snow? I got no love for ice.

I can't complain about the temperatures, they feel fine I guess. It feels like winter right? Cold winter, warm summer. All is good!!


Anonymous 10:28 AM  


Whats all this out in TX and AK showing up on the radar. Is there a possibility of this being more than what is being forecasted?

Anonymous 11:15 AM  

I do like the new page! Love the radar/satellite images to the right too.

Question - there looks to be alot of moisture headed this way from TX/LA area. Actually, it may venture just to the south of the area, but if it were to stay on track towards the Carolinas - is it really so dry here that we couldn't get some sort of precip from it?

The radar looks impressive........can't help but wonder.



Matthew East 12:02 PM  

Thanks for the kind words all....

Brad....the initial indication about next week would be freezing rain, if anything wintry at all. Still lots of time with that one.

And yeah, the radar does look impressive out west. That is something I will be taking a close look at this afternoon. Time for a bite of lunch with my family, then in to work.....check back later today!

Anonymous 1:01 PM  

Man, I'm a I'm browsing accuweather blogs....and they're saying the overall pattern is starting to change for the next 15 days or so. They're saying the GFS is showing a stormier pattern for the east.

Are you guys starting to see that too? That plus the cooler pattern that seems to be working out (no 60s as was previously thought I guess) and we have fun times......for you guys I guess they call it job security!!


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