Tuesday Morning...

>> Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Well, it looks like almost all modeling is now going with a rather wet scenario for us the next several days. Good!

Rain amounts are still in question, but the chances for some rain at times the next few days look very promising.

Also of note, it looks like we could see some type of wedging scenario in place by Thursday. If that occurs, many locations could remain in the 50s all day.

I had a chance to head up to the mountains yesterday. The cloud base was at about 3500 feet most of the day....you got above that elevation, and you just mainly saw clouds. However, there was some really nice color to be seen, and I will post a couple of pictures I took on the blog sometime tomorrow.


Anonymous 8:56 AM  

Mr. East:

I know that many of us do not leave comments but I would like to let you know that your weather blogs are very much appreciated. You have great insight and the read is always worthy of our time.

Matthew East 9:38 AM  

Thank you so much for your kind words. I am happy to do it!

Anonymous 12:49 PM  

The HPC QPF maps are incredible.

Matthew East 4:08 PM  

Yes they certainly are. Let's hope we get some nice soaking rains!

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