>> Thursday, January 04, 2007

The warmth that we will see tonight through Saturday is really something you don't see too often in early January. Now, let's not get carried away...this is not "freakish warmth" or "unbelievable warmth," but it is certainly well above average. In fact, some spots will be close to record highs tomorrow and Saturday.

Again, let me hit the highlights of the next several days....

  • Mild tonight with some mainly light rain spreading in.
  • Cold front moves through Friday evening. Ahead of it, look for some showers and storms...severe weather is still a possibility...stay with News 14 Carolina for details.
  • Saturday is dry and warm.
  • Rain spreads back in Sunday through Sunday night. Some healthy rain totals could occur at that time.
  • Colder weather moves in for a good part of next work week. That shot of colder weather should return our temps pretty close to average Monday through Thursday.
Deeper into the month, I continue to like the idea of a pattern change to colder weather over the eastern US. The time-frame is still up in the air, but I definitely think the second half of January will feature some strong intrusions of cold weather.

On another note, the East family is hitting the road Friday to spend some time with family out of state. So, I don't know how much I will be able to post over the next several days, if at all. If not before, I will be able to post again Wednesday when I am back here at work. So, everyone have a great weekend!


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